What are Small business Ideas for Teens?

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What are Small business Ideas for Teens?

The spirit of doing business doesn’t discriminate against age or gender. It is never too early or late to begin your own business. As teenagers are eager to grow and can grasp concepts early, it’s worthwhile to invest in their hard work and time. There are thousands of examples of famous brands and products that were introduced in the world by their founders at a very young age.

Though you will come across many types of small businesses, only some of them guarantee success for the long term. A majority of teens end up venturing into bad business ideas that not just eat up their money but also valuable time. In this article, we will be discussing a few small business ideas for teens that will be profitable in the long term.

Business Ideas for teens

Before we begin with business ideas, it is necessary to understand that some of these depend on your skills. Since we consider it will be a fresh start, you are advised to select an idea that suits your skills and motivates you throughout the journey.

1. Test Preparation Guide

If you think that you have mastered the skill of preparing for tests, then this is the best business idea for you. This is the era of doing something unique. A unique business idea is appreciated by the audience today.

Teenagers these days are preparing hard for different competitive exams. There are many exams that require long preparatory hours. Giving out a test preparation guide can be a great opportunity for you to expand your business by sharing some secrets with your customers. As far as the longevity of this business is considered, it will last until exams do, which are not going away anytime soon!

Create a business profile that can easily appeal to the target customers. You do not need to worry about the start-up costs. Even if you have zero financial support, you can create influential social media pages and create an effective strategy for client outreach.

2. Editing Videos/Creating Music

If you have good taste in music and know its technical aspects, you will have a vast horizon of business opportunities anywhere in the world. All you would require is a small investment in terms of basic equipment like a mike, sound mixers, etc. Once you have all these things handy, create or edit music and enthrall listeners with your amazing skills.

Businesses associated with music would last as long as people exist on this planet. Music is a stress-buster. If you have the skill and the will, start creating your music or an album and conquer the world with your creativity.

Jar of crushed cranberries for sauce or jam and basket of bog berries on background

3. Jam Making Business

If you share your love for cooking, then jam-making is another best business idea. You would need to invest some amount to set up this business. However, the amount would be as meager as $100-$300. It will be used for purchasing ingredients and jars to prepare and store the contents.

Once you have a perfect homemade jam with you, start contacting restaurants and hotels. Try to collaborate with them by offering them the high quality of jam at cheaper rates than the already established companies. You can also set up stalls on different occasions to build a strong customer base.

4. Online Teaching Business

Most teenagers have a knack for one or more subjects. If you are among those people who can handle all types of questions of a particular subject, then online teaching is the best platform for you. Online teaching has such a huge demand that it has attracted many tutors to begin teaching students digitally.

However, you need not worry about the competition. Not all of them have the required skills and expertise over their subject. If you think that you can easily handle any type of student with their questions, then this business idea is meant for you.

5. Teaching Art

These days parents want their children to take part in extracurricular activities apart from the academic part. ‘Art and Craft’ is among those things that most of the children love doing from a very early age. It is the best opportunity for creative minds to begin their professional career by establishing a business in a similar field.

You would require zero investment. You can begin by creating social media pages with your artwork. You must mention all those tricks and tips that would help children in creating amazing art pieces. Once you have successfully created a decent customer base, your business won’t fade away and would only prosper.

6. Digital Marketing

Name a business that does not invest in digital marketing. There is hardly any product or brand that neglects the digital marketing part. Promoting a brand through social media campaigns, ad campaigns and using other digital marketing strategies have come out as an effective way. If you have sound knowledge of these things and know marketing strategies, then this is the business you were looking for.

You do not have to invest anything to start this business. All you need is a creative mindset and powerful words to influence your first few clients. Once done, you can continue approaching huge businesses with your previous work experience. There is no limitation when it comes to making money from digital marketing. Companies set aside millions of dollars just for marketing these days.

view of live stream of youtube

7. YouTube/Live Streaming Business

Many teenagers are planning to kick-start their careers from YouTube. The vast horizon of opportunities YouTube offers is beyond imagination. If you are good at making videos, creating short stories, then YouTube is a good way to reach out to billions of viewers by creating unique content for them.

Even if you are good at games and want to move ahead in the same field, YouTube can help you. It has become on the best platforms to stream games and videos and attract more and more viewers to it. You would only require a few days to get a good viewership if you can come up with a unique and attractive content piece.

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These are some of the commonly asked questions by teenagers these days. We have tried to answer them all.

Q. I am 17 years old and want to start earning money. Do I need to find a part-time job?

Ans. Age doesn't matter when it comes to earning money. However, you need not find a part-time job if you wish to earn money. If you are good at making videos or drawing, start promoting it on YouTube or social media pages to kick-start your business.

Q. Do I need to purchase costly equipment to make videos for YouTube?

Ans. No. You need not purchase any special equipment. You just need your phone and a stable internet connection. Make a creative or informative video that is unique and upload it on your channel.

Q. Do I need to create a website to begin teaching online?

Ans. No. You need not have your website. Just create social media pages to promote your services. Once you have a number of clients, you may create a professional website to approach more customers.