How to Start an Online Pet Supply Store?

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How to Start an Online Pet Supply Store?

It is commonly known how the technology of this era is helping us in doing things better. Right from the moment we wake up to when we sleep, we are dependent on gadgets and technology to make our work convenient and quicker. Slowly and steadily, technology has also impacted business a lot. There are a lot of ways to start, promote, and boost a business. A preferred mode these days is going online.

Like any other business if you have a pet store and you supply pets, pet products, or pet grooming products, taking your business online will be an excellent way to expand your reach. If you have little idea on how to do this, keep reading this blog for a complete guide on how to start your online pet supply store.

1. Choose the Right Product List for your Store

The first thing that you need to do while preparing to run an online store is making a good product list. These days, there are many types of pets that people wish to have; there are also different options for pet food, grooming items, and other related products. Every pet owner these days is focused on getting their animals complete nourishment and more. So, you need to decide what you are selling and sort out a product list to begin with. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can consider:

- Pet food

Pet food is a basic and necessary item for your online supply store. You can make a separate section where you can keep all the available options for your customers. Put in a few filters to make their search better and easier. If you are a professional offering a pet food product of your own, you can promote it accordingly on your website. Alternatively, several other brands are offering many packaged options for customers, and you can put these up on your website.

Existing brands pay a lot of attention to the nutritional value of every pet meal. To get a better understanding of this for your own product, you can access the details on the back of every package.

- Pet living

Another thing to establish an excellent online pet supply store is to have pet living products. Keeping this in your website’s inventory will give you a good response in the online market. Do not forget to make a section for this while forming your online pet supply store. In the pet living section, there are dozens of options that you can consider, including beds, towels, toys, bed sheets, blankets, collars, muzzles, and others.

- Pet grooming

Pets are significant for their owners as they become an integral part of their family. So, keeping their pets groomed is an essential need of every pet owner. Your online pet supply store can also fulfil this requirement. There is a wide range of products that you can include in this section, including shampoos, shower soaps, conditioners, combs, towels, bath accessories, brushes, deodorants, wipes, and many others. With so many options and people tending to repeat-order for most of them, pet grooming products can be very viable for your online business.

The above-listed elements can attract a high number of returning customers and offer an excellent chance to boost your business right from the start.

- Health products

From supplements to dental care products, you can keep them all in your online pet store. For different pets, there are varied health products; you can keep a good range of these as well as the most popular ones in your store.

2. Licenses Required for Opening an Online pet Supply Store

One of the most important things to consider in starting an online pet supply store is to get the registration done. For this, you will have to fill out forms under Section 3 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules, 2016. Without the registration certificate, you won’t be allowed to open or operate a supply store.

3. Find a Supplier

After completing the first step, you will then have to search for a supplier. You need a supplier for everything, right from sourcing a variety of pets to getting their food options, grooming tools, and health products. You can use the ‘drop shipping’ option where your supplier delivers the desired things to the customer. You need to have a trusted supplier in place, apart from ensuring an uninterrupted supply of genuine products and timely delivery. For a pet supply store to have a good reputation, a supplier who helps in building as well as maintaining stocks is important. There are a few ways by which you can choose the right supplier for your store:

- Search the Online Market

As your business is online, it will be a wise choice and time-saving tool if you start searching for a supplier online. There are several established players of the market that have a vast list of suppliers who can offer you connections and deliveries across the country. There are also many local suppliers that can make your business convenient and hassle-free to operate. If you have any unique product to offer, the suppliers can help in taking the business global.

Another way that can help you is Google searching. Now there are two ways in this as well—one where you search for suppliers, and you get a list from the internet. Then you sort the best amongst them and try to connect with them.

The second method is to post advertisements for your requirements. In this case, you will not have to make efforts for collaboration with suppliers. But there is a downside in this. Bigger and better suppliers won’t pay any heed on such posts. You will have to arrange a meeting with them and reach out to them.

4. Starting Your Store

Now, you should be ready to establish a platform on which you will start your business. The next step is to pick a domain name. It is essential as, only after you pick a domain name, will you be able to register your website. While selecting a domain name, you need to ensure that firstly, it is relatable to your business. Secondly, you need to catch the attention of your potential customers and retain them. Thirdly, your domain name is something that will stay with your customers, so make it good.

5. Get the Design Ready

Once the domain name is finalised, you can register it and buy the domain. The next step is to get the website design ready. For an online pet supply store, you need to make a design that’s easily understandable and integrates many filters. This will help your customers to understand the options you have on offer and save time. If you have multiple pet species in your online store, make a separate section for each of them; dedicate one page for birds, one for dogs, then the cats, and so on.

6. Create Your Strategy

Once you are in the market, you need to keep an eye on your competitors as well. Take cues from them and come up with ideas that can make your online store look better and stand apart in the market. The process of running an online business in today’s world has become very competitive. So, you must first find a way to promote your business and then start promoting rigorously. You can begin with some content marketing, by writing blogs and articles, uploading pictures of pets and their products, and so on. Once you start doing this regularly, you will begin to garner the attention of your target audience.


The promotion of your brand is one of the key factors that provide a kick-start to any online business. If you wish to start and run a successful online pet supply store, then you need to understand all the above-given steps in the correct order, and you need to follow them in the right manner.

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Q. Is it necessary to have a good supply chain?

Ans: If you want to run a successful and trustworthy online pet supply store, you will have to collaborate with the service providers.  This is because your supply chain is going to be the face of your store. Try and collaborate with someone whose delivery response is better and good.

Q. What kind of products can I sell?

Ans: There are a lot of options for you to include in your pet supply store. You can keep pet options, food products, and grooming kits, among other things.

Q. Can you suggest what I should feed my pet?

Ans: The food items that you can give will depend on the age, health, and breed of your pet.

Q. How should I decide the meals for my pet?

Ans: For this, it is always better to consult a veterinary doctor.