How to start a business of eco-friendly & organic cleaning products?

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How to start a business of eco-friendly & organic cleaning products?

The demand for eco-friendly cleaning products has risen immensely over the last few years. A majority of customers prefer the usage of organic and eco-friendly products for cleaning. It helps to save the environment. If you are thinking of starting a business, you can consider selling organic cleaning products. The best part is that starting a business of organic cleaning products does not require a large investment, and you can easily start this business. Organic products help reduce pollution and keep your family members safe as they do not have any harmful chemicals. Many people hire professionals to clean their houses with organic products.

How to start a cleaning products business?

Many crucial steps are involved in establishing a business. Let us now discuss the steps involved in establishing a business of eco-friendly and organic cleaning products:

1. Planning

The first step involved in the execution of any business is planning. A clear plan helps to streamline all the other steps. It will help you to understand the crucial aspects of running a business. A business plan includes several things, like the cost of starting the business, expenses, pricing, target market, name, the logo of the business, etc. Let us discuss some essential points:

  • Initial investment

Create a plan and estimate the initial investment required for the primary business operations. It includes brand development, shipping charges, website maintenance cost. It also includes the cost of marketing materials, business insurance, raw materials, staff training, travel expenses, etc.

Magnifying Glass on Old Paper with Red Vertical Line and Target Market written on it
  • Target market

You need to find people who are genuinely interested in your products. If you are offering organic cleaning products, you must attract customers who require these services. It will save your time and help you focus on the right audience. You can do it by analysing some data. For example, the newer generation is aware of the current environmental issues. They are more inclined towards the usage of organic products. So, they may be interested in your products. Analysing the target market is one of the critical elements of establishing a successful business.

  • Pricing

Your services and products should be reasonably priced. If you set your prices high, customers may not come to you, and if the prices are too low, your business growth can suffer. So, you must ensure that your products are priced according to the market standard. However, you can charge an additional cost for additional services like home delivery or providing your customers with professionals to clean their houses. You can also offer deals or discounts on some products to attract more customers.

  • Name of your business

Naming a business is very crucial. The name will represent your business. So, finding the right name is essential. The name should give people an idea about your offerings. Select a name that is simple, trendy and easy to remember. If your customers don’t understand the name of your business, they may not come to you. There are many tools on the internet that you can use for naming your business.

2. Check for the necessary documents

The next step is to register your business and obtain the necessary licenses required for running your business. Some of the documents needed for starting a business include a business registration certificate, GST registration certificate, etc. You need some certificates that prove your products are safe to use. You also need to have credentials that prove the authenticity of your products. Your products must pass some quality checks and lab tests to be certified as “organic”.

3. Open a bank account for your business

A separate bank account for your business helps you to segregate your personal expenses from your business expenses. All the business transactions will be recorded in the business bank account. It will help you to track the business expenses daily. Using a single bank account for both personal and business expenses may create confusions. So, open a separate business bank account.

A separate bank account for business also makes accounting and tax filing easier. Some banks provide additional services if you open a business bank account. Select the bank according to your requirements and business goals.

4. Establish yourself online and increase your market reach

Why use traditional methods when you can break the boundaries? The best way to expand your business is to connect with your existing and potential customers online. A large number of people use social media sites. So, using these platforms can be the perfect way to reach them. Many people do not go to the markets physically. They prefer to purchase goods and services online. So, create your website and list all the organic cleaning products that you are offering.

You can create a website in many ways. You can hire professionals, take help from a friend, or make it yourself. There are many web hosting sites where you can create and design your website without any programming knowledge. The method is dependent on your budget. If you have an average budget, you can consider hiring a professional or a freelancer to build your website. The presence of a website makes it easier to sell your services and products, irrespective of your customer’s location.

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5. Marketing and advertising

Marketing is an essential element of running any business. You need to advertise your products so that people come to know about your business. Your potential customers, friends or clients will not know about your business if you do not tell them about it. There are a couple of ways to advertise your products. You can promote your business using social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, you can circulate pamphlets or print advertisements in newspapers or magazines to reach out to more customers.


Organic cleaning products can save the environment by reducing water pollution and soil pollution. These products are not harmful like the products that are made of toxic chemicals. Many people opt for organic and eco-friendly methods of cleaning for these reasons.

Considering the current environmental issues and the increasing awareness among people, we can say that starting an organic cleaning products business can be a great idea. It can give you huge returns if you can run the business correctly. There are several steps involved in establishing a business. So, understand the market and start executing your plan.

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Q. What are the benefits of starting a business of organic cleaning products?

Ans. There are various benefits of starting an organic cleaning products business. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is easy to establish.
  • Organic products are environment-friendly.
  • These products are safe for humans and animals.
  • It requires a small initial investment.
  • The usage of organic products can reduce pollution.

Q. How to increase the number of customers?

Ans. The number of customers grows gradually as a business starts to expand. Marketing is the most effective way to increase brand awareness. You have to advertise your products so that more people come to know about your business. Besides marketing, you have to take care of some other aspects. The prices of your products should be reasonable. Most importantly, your products should be of top quality. It will help you in maintaining a good reputation in the market.

Q. How much do the enterprises selling organic cleaning products earn in India?

Ans. The organic cleaning products business is profitable. On average, a small business selling organic cleaning products earns Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000 per month. A large enterprise selling organic cleaning products can easily make around Rs 1,50,000 in a month. The profits are dependent on the scale of your business and your market reach.