How to Start Dry Fruit Export Business in 2022 from India?

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How to Start Dry Fruit Export Business in 2022 from India?

There is a high demand for different types of dry fruits across the globe. This makes the dry fruit business one of the most profitable import-export business ideas. The increasing health benefits of dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashew, raisins, dried apricots, walnuts etc. yields a reasonable margin from every batch of export. Dry fruits are available in massive quantities through wholesalers across the Indian sub-continent making it an accessible, year-round product of export. With a wide range of target customer groups, starting a dry fruits export business is not a complicated process.

Do you want to start a wholesale dry fruit export in India? A solid business plan and obtaining the mandatory license and permit through business registration are the initial steps for starting a fully operational export business for dry fruits. Here's a comprehensive guide into starting a dry fruit business in India and initiating its export overseas for expansion and better profits.

Why Start a Dry Fruit Export Business in India?

According to a report, dry fruit is exported to nearly 77 countries from India, and the business is worth millions of dollars. In the coming years, it is likely to increase with higher demand from various sectors and target customers. Dry fruits do not grow in all countries due to unfavourable climatic conditions, and hence these countries export them. Currently, the top countries that India exports dry fruits too are the USA, Australia, and United Arab Emirates. These are traded in small to large-sized shipment boxes and every year, the volume of dry fruit exported is increasing. This makes it one of the best export business ideas for better profits.

What Do You Need to Start a Dry Fruit Export Business in India?

The rules for starting an export business for almost all the products are the same. Apart from the registration of the business, export requires a trading license and additional certification to assure the standard and quality of the product. The TPCI, APEDA and other types of certifications are necessary for showing food safety standards. The food product exporter must be wary of packaging and handling the entire process of export. These are the steps on how to start import-export business in India.

  • The company is required to be a legal entity for conducting business. The company can be registered as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company or partnership firm or private limited company.
  • Open a business account that authorises foreign exchange and decide on the payment terms and currency exchange.
  • Obtain a PAN card for business for conducting international trade.
  • Apply for an IEC number which is a 10 digit code issued against the PAN card for the business. This is obtained from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. This number is mandatory for both export and import of goods.
  • Apply for the Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) which helps in availing concession and access to services essential for exports. It gives access to updates from Export Promotion Councils, Community Boards, etc.
  • An APEDA certification is mandatory to certify the standard and quality of the export product.

With dry fruit as one of the best import and export business ideas, registration and obtaining permits is not enough. The competition is tough and hence proper strategy, research, marketing, and establishment of long term B2B contact is crucial. The brand authenticity and gaining the trust of the overseas importers play a pivotal role in the success of the dry fruit export business. Before starting the export process, identify the countries and type of businesses or establishments you want to export the dry fruits too. Exporting to countries with higher demand helps in fetching more commission and profit on every order shipped.

Three bowls full of dry fruits

How to start import and export business and make it Successful?

There is a huge market for dry fruits overseas but the competition from existing players makes it a tough ride. As an export company, it is crucial to do market research on the probable markets, and conduct feasibility studies and market surveys to have a better understanding.

  • Choose the types of dry fruits – There are different types of dry fruits available in the market and each type has its variation and difference. Before starting the export, identify which dry fruits will give the maximum profit and plan the exports accordingly. While starting a new export business, it is better to focus on a few types of dry fruits and gradually expand to exporting all types.
  • Decide on the packaging and price – Keep an eye on the competitors and their export price. While exporting dry fruits, establish a price range according to the target customers or businesses overseas. Packaging plays an important role in the dry fruit business as it represents the brand’s hygiene and quality standards.
  • Type of business – For the export of dry fruits, you need to decide what type of business you want to get into. It can be either exporting dry fruits from your farm, franchise business, or exporting by procuring dry fruits at wholesale price from the Indian market. Plan this depending on the budget.
  • Promoting the business – An export business will only be successful through strategic marketing and promotion. There are various approaches that you can take to increase buyers and hence export for the dry fruits.
  1. The B2B platforms are designed specifically for exporters, importers, traders, suppliers etc. It is one of the best channels to grow your dry fruit export business by reaching prospective buyers or allowing interested parties to see your business listing. Make sure you upload the products with prices and certifications. B2B platforms are a great place to get buyer leads.
  2. Create an SEO optimised website and bring the business online. It helps in building credibility for the business and boosts online visibility. This helps buyers to find your export business online, connect directly and make the purchases.

Once the marketing and promotion part is taken care of, it is time to focus on the logistics and custom aspects. It is highly recommended to hire a custom clearance professional to assist with custom payments, handling customs, and streamlining the process of shipping. A freight forward can further make the job easier by managing end-to-end shipping requirements. As an exporter, it is crucial to analyse and find the best possible route for shipping. The sea routes are comparatively cheaper as compared to the other modes of transportation.

Mixed nuts and dried fruits in wooden bowl on wooden background

Key Takeaways

The dry fruit business is indeed one of the best export business ideas with high demand in the market. It does not cost a lot to establish a dry fruit business and start exporting. However, mandatory market research to identify prospective customers or countries for export saves time and helps with better profit outcomes. For starting an export business, necessary certifications and permits are important for the legal conductance of the business from India. Export businesses open a new avenue creating an international platform for trading by opening the foreign markets.

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Q. Why is the dry fruit export business profitable?

Ans. The demand for dry fruits is high owing to their numerous health benefits. With people adapting to a healthy lifestyle, the demand is further expected to increase. Exports help in selling dry fruits to overseas clients or businesses in bulk, ensuring a good influx of money with every batch of export.

Q. How to find buyers for dry fruit export from India?

Ans. Various online platforms have information about the right target market for exporting dry fruits. Likewise, the buyers can find information about exports, arrange for the export online, and know about all the formalities and procedures necessary for export.

Q. How important is the B2B marketplace for export business?

Ans. The B2B online marketplace is the best place for buyers and sellers to connect. The online marketplace has information about all the export options along with prices and certifications. Buyers can find a reliable export company for dry fruits through the B2B marketplace making the process convenient and streamlined.

Q. Does starting an export business require registration and permits?

Ans. Yes, to sell products like dry fruits to overseas customers, mandatory registration of the company is required. Apart from that, GST registration, trading license, APEDA certification etc. is necessary for the legal operation of the export business.