Top 10 Business Ideas to Start at an Early Age

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Top 10 Business Ideas to Start at an Early Age

Which Business Is Best To Start For Beginners?

  1. The late adolescence or young adulthood age (18-24 years) is one such age group when there are frequent changes and exploration in almost every aspect of life such as home, work, family, education, etc.
  2. The responsibilities and understanding of the real-world start to make sense, along with a growing concern for the future.
  3. This period of life is the most suitable for experimenting with career plans or business ideas.
  4. As said by the famous entrepreneur Seth Godin, "There's no shortage of remarkable ideas; what's missing is the will to execute them."
  5. First and foremost, you have got nothing to lose.
  6. The only risk is a failure, which we all know is the first step towards success.
  7. There will always be some lessons to be learned. Starting young allows making mistakes during endeavours and growing from them at a suitable pace.
  8. Starting a business that suits your interest is always a bonus point.
  9. Money and fame always come to those who follow their passion.
  10. Even if you settle for a permanent job or business, the connections and experience that you have built over the years will help you in many places.
  11. Listed below are some top business ideas to start at an early age:


  • One of the most engaging and profitable business ideas for people who love art and craft is making handicrafts.
  • Handicrafts include making bookmarks, keychains, jewellery, coasters, etc.
  • There are several methods to pursue this as a business idea.
  • Starting with online sales, one can sell handmade products on various shopping sites such as Amazon or Flipkart.
  • Apart from this, they can also promote their products on social media platforms.
  • They can also invest in a custom made website or app to expand their business.
  • Many schools and colleges welcome such people who are eager to conduct online or offline workshops.
  • While this may be monetary or non-monetary, workshops can expand the business via word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Occasional trade fairs allow young enthusiasts to set up their handicraft stalls.
  • Collaborations with larger companies can also boost business growth.


  1. People passionate about art excel in fields such as painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.
  2. People who excel in portrait painting have a great scope of starting their business on a great note.
  3. Like handicrafts, paintings and drawings are also sold online on shopping sites like Flipkart or Amazon.
  4. Promotions on social media sites play a huge role in the growth of the business.
  5. Many galleries offer places to young budding artists where they can showcase their talent by organising an exhibition.


  • Those who have a keen interest in photography are more likely to start earning at an early age.
  • Apart from clicking pictures of nature and people, photography also consists of video editing, wedding photoshoots, etc.
  • Individuals can start a home-based photography business or sell their images online on several sites such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock, etc.
  • Photographers are also in great demand for modeling photoshoots.
  • Conducting photography exhibitions throughout cities helps individuals establish a strong foothold in this line of business.

Fitness Coach/Instructor

  1. People who go to the gym or work out regularly have a well-maintained body.
  2. Such people can aspire to become fitness instructors.
  3. The duties of fitness instructors include demonstrating the proper use of every piece of equipment, suggesting suitable and well-balanced diets, conducting online or offline classes and workshops, etc.
  4. Fitness instructors need to maintain a good physique and be passionate about exercise.
  5. A certain amount of dedication and strong will is required to become a fitness instructor.
teacher giving class to the students


  • Probably one of the easiest businesses is to start teaching, either online or offline.
  • Teaching need not necessarily include academic subjects.
  • It can range from singing and dancing classes to other diverse topics such as teaching musical instruments, cooking, etc.
  • Offline teaching through tuitions is arranged at the tutor's or the pupil's house.
  • Various platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams make online classes easier to access and understand.

Home Bakery

  1. There is nothing better than working from the comforts of your home while following your passion.
  2. The cherry on the cake? Well, what can be better than starting a business?
  3. Make some handy cash while enjoying your work and also help people celebrate their parties.
  4. Whether it be cakes, cookies, pies, or pastries, home bakeries are always ready to serve the needs.
  5. Enthusiastic individuals can start small-scale shops to sell various bakery items or make and decorate cakes.

Food Business

  • Starting a food business requires almost minimal investment while returning huge profits.
  • These types of businesses flourish solely on the right kind of advertisement and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • People who have a passion for cooking can set up a food joint at their home or backyard.
  • Others who lack space at their residence can offer home deliveries or takeaways.

Content Creator

  1. The most popular business is that of a content creator.
  2. Content creation does not necessarily have to be youtube videos.
  3. It has spread across to almost every other platform out there.
  4. Apps like Instagram allows its users to have a business account wherein you can provide business information such as phone number, location, active hours, etc.
  5. Unlike Youtube, which offers direct payment to its creators, Instagram does not pay its creators directly.
  6. One can earn on Instagram by doing sponsored posts for different brands or by providing paid services.
  7. Creating videos and uploading them on Youtube has always been a priority for new content creators.
  8. Whether it's a video about creative DIYs or video games, Youtube has an audience for all.
  9. The best part is that Youtube offers pay per view policy.
  10. Also, you can earn by putting up advertisements on your videos.

Content Writing

  • The content writing domain is vast because as long as there is the internet, content writing services shall exist.
  • Almost everything that we read or see on the internet is a form of content.
  • Hence the content writing industry is so widespread. All kinds of businesses need content.
  • These may include websites, newsletters, emails, blogs, social media, e-books, etc.
  • Content writing serves as one of the best business ideas to pursue.
  • Once you get to know what you are good at or what you enjoy writing, start honing your skills as a content writer.
  • You can either start content writing services alone or with a group of people who share a common interest.
  • Moreover, there are numerous services out there where you can get hired as a professional or a freelance content writer.

Translation Services

  1. Only those who dare to believe in their dream are the ones who achieve it.
  2. Almost every entrepreneur out there is a risk-taker.
  3. Their monthly income is not fixed, and sometimes the expenses are too high to start a business.
  4. There are also other aspects to keep in mind, such as reputational risk, environmental risk, political risk, etc.
  5. But what keeps them driving is their sheer willpower and dedication.
  6. As the name suggests, translation services provide people with linguists to communicate with those who do not understand their language.
  7. Learning foreign languages is a must for individuals who want to start translation services as a business.
  8. The demand for translation services is incredibly huge in fields that deal with legal documents, medical and healthcare documents, finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, travel & tourism, etc.
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Final Thoughts

  • There are certain things one has to keep in mind before starting a business.
  • One of the key factors that help in achieving targets is understanding the demands of customers.
  • There are multiple companies for almost every business idea out there.
  • Recognise your skills, strengths, and passion.
  • One doesn't need to start on a large scale. Start small but keep the growth constant.
  • Show people your love for the business.
  • The famous author and entrepreneur Simon Sinek once said, "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."
  • Keep the legal documents like business permits and licenses beforehand as they are required before starting any business.

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