Best Tyre Brands In India [Top 10 Brands]

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Best Tyre Brands In India [Top 10 Brands]

Travelling from one place to another is an indispensable part of everyone's daily routines. Irrespective of the distance, with the competitive world that we live in, it is more of a necessity than a mere luxury for all of us to consider vehicles for our day-to-day journeys. And one absolutely indispensable accessory that assures us a safe journey is the quality, durability, and strength of the tyres we choose to use in our vehicles.

Apart from the brand names, the qualities that determine the best tyres in the market are discussed below:

  • Traction: Grip quality is the most important. Of course, tyres being the contact point of any vehicle, the quality of grip that provides traction is the most crucial thing to consider for the safety of everyone aboard the vehicle.
  • Robustness: The quality of a tyre is also judged by its ability to withstand whatever is coerced onto them on the road, from stones to anything. Better quality tyres have more resistance capacity.
  • Handling: The tyre of a vehicle also plays a significant role in its handling, which means how the vehicle responds to several actions by the driver like pulling on brakes, acceleration, or U-turning.
  • Noise and comfort: The design of a tyre with grooves, the number of grooves, the tread shape; all are equally important, and together they ensure a comfortable ride on the vehicle.
  • Longevity: More or less the same as grip, the design of a tyre, together with its material quality and mileage, determines how long it will last.
  • Fuel efficiency: The fuel economy of a vehicle also depends significantly on the tyres. For instance, tyres made of materials that cause lower amounts of friction with the road are more fuel-efficient, and hence, more economically suitable.

Below is a list of the top brands with their price range:

  Brand Name


Price Range



Available for Cars and Bikes

Rs.950 - Rs.28,000 only



Available for Cars and Bikes

Rs.1200 - Rs.17,700 only



Available for Cars and Bikes

Rs.1,085 - Rs.7,900 only



Available for Cars and Bikes

Rs.1,600 - Rs.18,000 only



Available for Cars and Bikes

Rs.3,000 - Rs.20,650 only



Available for Cars only

Rs.1,900 - Rs.36,500 only



Available for Cars only

Rs.1,800 - Rs.13,375 only



Available for Cars only

Rs.2,100 - Rs.28,335 only



Available for Cars only

Rs.2,150 - Rs.13,780 only



Available for Bikes only

Rs.7,430 - Rs.16,790 only

Top 10 tyre brands in India that you should know about

The best tyre brands in India from the stats shown in recent years are:

1. MRF tyres

India's largest tyre manufacturing company obviously deserves to top the list. MRF was established in early 1946 and had produced tyres for all types of vehicles, including buses, bikes, tractors, tractors, off-the-road vehicles, etc. The high grip quality of MRF tyres almost faces no competition in the tyre market in India. The company's headquarters was established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and the corporation has continued to operate from there. It now exports tyres to around 60 different countries globally.

2. Apollo tyres

Apollo tyre got started in 1976 in Gurgaon, Haryana, and has now grown to have become the 17th largest tyre producing company in the world, apart from being one of the country's most renowned and trusted brands. Apollo tyre currently has a huge global demand with usage running in approximately 120 countries, making radials for cars, bikes, and a huge variety of other commercial vehicles.

3. CEAT tyres

One of the country's most prestigious brands in the market, CEAT tyres, was initially manufactured out of six different manufacturing facilities in Bombay (Mumbai) from 1958. Operating in approximately over 150 countries and with R&D sites in 26 countries, CEAT produces a staggering revenue of 3500 crores per annum. It has significant control over the international tyre market. Of six plants, the cumulative daily output is about 100,000 tyres.

4. Michelin tyres

Beginning its journey way back in 1889, Michelin has become one of the most trusted tyre brands around the globe, consistently holding one of the top 3 ranks for over decades. The company began its journey back in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In India, it sells the manufactured tyres and other products to Bajaj Auto, India Yamaha Motor, Hero MotoCorp Limited, and others.

It has its hold on tyre markets of around 170 countries globally, with an employment scale of 114,000. In 2017 alone, it manufactured over 18 crores tyres while operating over around 70 plants across the globe.

5. Pirelli tyres

The company was established by the Italian tyre makers Pirelli & C. Spa back in 1872 in Milan, Italy. As of the last decade, it consistently has been making a place in the top 10s in India. Ranked as the 5th biggest global tyre manufacturer, it has 19 production sites across the world with a market-hold in over 160 countries with the number of markets at a jaw-dropping 14,600. The specialisation of the brand is in Formula 1 racing cars.

6. Goodyear tyres

Goodyear was started back in 1898 back in Akron, Ohio. And it is one of the most highly demanded and highly recognised tyre brands across the globe, specialising in tyres for Formula 1 Racing Cars. The company manufactures tyres for automobiles, lightweight trucks, commercial trucks, SUVs, Aeroplanes. It has been established in India for over 90 years now.

7. JK tyres

JK tyres was founded in 1974 in Delhi, India. It is one of the most popular and best-quality Indian tyre manufacturers, with a holdover market of over 80 nations. The production facilities are located in Chennai, Banmore, Mysore, Haridwar, and Kankroli. It alone represents a score of about 22% of the country's export margins in tyre manufacturers.

8. Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone tyres is based in Kurume, Japan, dating back to the year 1931. It has control of the tyre markets of 24 nations across the world, with a total of 141 plants and facilities. The recruiting scale is 142,000 globally. It holds sixth place in our top 10 ranks of tyre manufacturers. In India, the firm has manufacturing plants in Pune and Indore.

9. Falken tyres

Falken tyres was established back in the year 1983 in Kobe, Japan. Regarded as one of the main globally trading tyre brands, most of the distributors for Falken tyres are based out of the United States and India. Dominating the sports car market while specialising in formula-racing, Falken tyres aim to improve the qualities constantly to increase the compatibility for global usage.

10. Metzeler tyres

Metzeler tyres was established back in the year 1863 in Germany. And it has a very strong hold on the global market in every continent and almost every subcontinent, specializing in tyres for two-wheelers most of all. The grip quality provided by Metzeler tyres is particularly the reason it is so well known globally.

Wrapping it up

In a country with different road conditions, vehicles need the best tyres, no matter what it is. Choosing the best tyre for your vehicle can offer you longevity, robustness, durability, and, most importantly, fuel efficiency.

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Q. Which tyre brand in India can guarantee durability?

Ans. Several brands like Michelin Primacy, MRF, Apollo tyres can guarantee one with durability. It also depends on usage and maintenance.

Q. Which tyre brand produces radial tyres for every form of four-wheelers and two-wheelers?

Ans. JK tyres

Q. Which tyre brand manufactures tyres for almost all types of vehicles?

Ans. CEAT manufactures and meets the tyre demands of various vehicles, including trucks, lorries, auto-rickshaws, buses, motorcycles, SUVs, tractors, and various other automobiles.

Q. Who is Apollo tyre's owner?

Ans. Onkar Singh Kanwar is the owner of Apollo tyres.

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