What are 10 business ideas to start with no money in 2021?

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What are 10 business ideas to start with no money in 2021?

Are you looking for a great business idea to start in the year 2021? You need a bit of inspiration, and don’t forget to consider the new normal into account. The behaviour pattern of consumers on purchasing goods and services has changed because of the global pandemic. Previously, investing in restaurant and retail business would prove to be beneficial, but you might reconsider that thought, and see how next year plays out.

In the year 2021, try to think something out of the box.  To start a successful business, you have to have a great business idea that would grow over time. Here are a few tips before you think of starting a new business in 2021:

  • Choose to start a business that you are passionate about, and have knowledge about.
  • Before starting any business, check out if the idea has a similar demand.
  • For the year 2021, many of the businesses would involve an online business model.
  • Choose the idea that will be in demand for a long time.

Moreover, we have listed down ten best business ideas that would not require any investment. Plus, it would help you find success in the year 2021. Consider these business ideas to help you find success in the upcoming year:

Online Teaching

In this pandemic, there has been a hike in demand for online teaching. There is an excellent possibility for entrepreneurs who want to start their venture in the online teaching sector. This being an online business idea, there is an option to choose the subject as per the interest, regardless of the location. For example, if you are good in social science, then you can teach students that subject. Further, if you do not have any advanced knowledge in a particular subject then teaching English to students overseas as a foreign language is a great option. The best part about starting online teaching is that no investment would be required.


The consultant is the person who advises organisations to improve their business performance in terms of management, profitability, structure, operations and strategy. Thus, if you have any passion and knowledge about a specific topic, like human resource, leadership, social media, business, communication, etc., then it is a lucrative option to start a consulting business. As a consultant, you should be confident, persistent, flexible, and have a piece of advanced knowledge in a particular subject. It is easy to start consulting service on your own, and overtime when you grow, then you can hire consultants under you.

Transcription Service

For people who have good typing speed and love working from home, transcription service is a great business. You can become a transcriptionist in any of the fields, but medical transcription services are usually in huge demand. For the starters, you can start working for a few hours as a transcriptionist. With time you can boost your business, and try becoming a certified transcriptionist. It is entirely your choice to work as a full-time transcriptionist, because there is always flexibility of choosing your working hours. The best part is, to start the transcription service you would require a computer, secure messaging service and appropriate services. You would receive high returns in low investment.

Freelance Copywriter

If you’re a natural writer with a pinch of marketing skills, then you can become a freelance copywriter. You can be a blog writer, write press releases or website content. Many companies would love to take your services. With the knowledge of SEO, you can focus on specific keywords to target the customers, and help the client to grow their business. The best part about freelance copywriting is you can work from the comfort of your home. With the right internet connection, you can work from the road also. Plus, you can work as a full-time freelancer by establishing a large network.

Digital Marketing

The internet has become necessary with time, and so have digital marketing services. There is  a great demand for digital marketing services, and most of the businesses outsource this service. So, if you’re good in SEO, pay-per-click, web development, social media management, or content marketing, then you have a business opportunity. Digital marketing is critical for the development of a brand over the internet. Social media marketing is not just about scheduling posts, and it requires watching messages, comments and more. Thus, if you like strategizing and implementing plans, then digital marketing is the right kind of business for you.

Home Care Services

A background in hospitality and care can give you the scope of starting a business as in-home care services. Many seniors require help in everything, from repairs to errands in the house. Luckily you don’t need a degree in healthcare to help people and start a successful business. Initially, you can start a small scale business by providing assisting facilities like transporting, packing, storing their possessions, or setting up.

App Developer

If you have more knowledge and are passionate about technology, you might consider a career in app development. With the increase in the use of smartphones, the demand for new apps in the market has increased. Thus, you can mix your creativity with the skillset, and create an amazing mobile application. With the increase in popularity for virtual reality software, the demand has also increased for VR app development.

Professional Organiser

Professional organiser is a business idea that would spark joy. Being a professional organiser, you would be helping the client to build a downsizing system. Many people are eager to downsize, but it is hard for them to say goodbye to the stuff they possess. So, if you’re an organised person who can make any space comfortable and functional, then you can coach people to do so. You will be paid for your skill set. You can promote your business by taking photos of the work you have done. Further, you can post it in social media, and attract new clients.  

Real Estate Agent

It is overwhelming for people to navigate the housing market. Thus, as a real estate agent, you can find the home of their dreams at a budgeted price. To become a real estate agent, you need to take classes for a few months, and clear a simple exam. Along with certification, you are required to have great people skills to grow in this business over time.

Graphic Designer

Everything is available online, small business, corporations and sole proprietors; everybody needs good promotional material. However, not everybody has an artistic eye. If you’re artistic, then learn to organise content in a pleasing virtual format. The graphic designing business requires you to sell flyers, posters, digital ads, and other visual materials. With the skill set, you can start a business at a small scale and expand over time.

However, to start a small business, you do not require a lot of money. The first step is to have an idea and develop your business plan. Plus, analyse your consumers and potential challenges in the market. After everything seems fine, you can start your small business.

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Q. How to start small business services from home?

Ans: Home-based businesses are easily manageable and convenient. However, not all companies can be started at home, but you can execute an idea that could be started from home. Also, in the business plan, make sure to include office supplies and tools that would make your business feasible. Moreover, several online businesses that don’t require inventory can be started from home.

Q. What will be an ideal small business to start?

Ans: An ideal small business would be the one that would prove to be the most successful, and is the one that you start with your skillset. When you incorporate passion into your work, then you accomplish an outstanding work-life balance. So, some of the profitable business ideas include website design, real estate and cleaning services.