Top-20 small-scale businesses you should take a look at!

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Top-20 small-scale businesses you should take a look at!

In every part of the world, small-scale industries are of as much importance as large-scale industries. It is true that large-scale industries indeed uphold the modern world's economy, providing jobs to many accommodating a larger part of the population in every sector. However, one must not forget the small-scale industries lead to the economy's growth and provide further employment. Also, small-scale industries alone help develop country-based production among the local areas, or mostly within the country, which also enhances the purpose of developing the home-based production of materials.

However, small-scale industries also have some cons. For instance, while developing a small-scale industry, it is difficult to secure loans. Secondly, there is often wastage of raw materials deemed unnecessary for business, old techniques, obsolete machinery, and the least time to research. There remains an ambiguity of whether or not the business will sustain. Unlike large-scale industries, not many people are involved. The lack of research often leads to unexpected problems. It is easy to get exploited in the small scale business. Hence one must be careful before beginning with one,

Nevertheless, the small-scale industry is a valuable source of economic growth.

Small-scale industries can be of various kinds, and they are becoming more and more innovative with time. One of the major perks of small-scale industry is that it can be started with a small investment. Most of the start-ups are small-scale industries, which later may take the shape of large-scale industries. Let's discuss the small-scale industries which can be developed in small, yet profit-bearing investments:


Many people enjoy baking at home; and from home experiments, they develop something extraordinary which can be developed into a small-scale industry. Turning a hobby into a profession is not as difficult as it sounds; if a certain number of customers is reached, and the products are of good quality. It'll attract the crowd, and with proper investment it may gradually develop.


There are tailors who make dresses of all kinds, but for various reasons are not able to reach potential customers; a boutique will allow them the right kind of exposure and let them develop their business. Even the young students of fashion designing may become small-scale entrepreneurs by having their own boutique.

Game Zone:

Nowadays, kids are more into video games than outdoor activities. A gaming parlour will allow them to stay out of video games, and involve them in gaming activities within a safe space.

Interior designer:

While designing a home, a lot of people are involved - from decorator to plumber to carpenter. Interior designing will not only give employment to the designer, but also will engage many others.

Wedding Planner:

Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking. It involves many people who work together to set the whole thing up. From transportation to food, from decoration to photography, everything comes under the wide umbrella term. Hence it employs the local business development such as the florist or the electrician.


This service can also be taken up as one of the most profitable small-scale industries.  One can develop a catering service with very little investment.

Food truck:

In this fast-paced world, food availability at the doorstep, or on the way to work is a profitable service. A food truck service can grow in no time if given proper attention to the quality of service and the food.

Yoga instructor:

It can be developed by one person with little to no investment, although one has to be experienced enough to teach and be able to set up a proper ambience. If all these requirements are met, from one person, it can turn into a school involving the participation of many.

Tour and Travel:

Before visiting any place, people lookout for a good tour-guide to explore a place. A tour & travel agency can be the perfect guide and help with the booking and reservations, which will be a source of employment to many.


This also contributes to the growth of the home-based industry providing employment to local artists. Pottery will keep the cultural values of the land intact, and facilitate the development of the economy.

Floral shop:

Flowers are always popular and in demand be it a birthday or anniversary, flowers are a vital part of the journey. It is the most popular small-scale business because it is required everywhere, for gifts as well as decorations, and can prove to be a very lucrative start-up.

Organic farming:

This can be done in small investments, where one grows organic vegetables and sells it online. This also encourages people to lead a healthy lifestyle.


It's unnecessary to sell diamonds, gold or platinum; people are making varied and beautiful jewellery out of various metals that are fashionable, yet not expensive, generally made out of beads or alloys.

A bookstore:

A bookstore can be developed anywhere, with very little investment, and it'll grow faster if opened near a school or college. It can slowly develop into a very profitable business if proper services are provided.


Restaurant development can be a bit more expensive than other industries, yet not huge or excessive. Restaurants employ a lot of people, and hence lead to the growth of the economy.

Coaching Centre:

Many students require extra help in their studies to guide them. A coaching center can help students by helping them with their subjects, and guiding them with proper education and procedures to choose the correct career path.

Hobby Centre:

This involves a lot of instructors to train or encourage people to cultivate their hobbies, involving various trainers allowing people to choose their field. Be it classes for singing, dancing, or drama, there is no dearth of opportunities for the creative minds.


Today, it is impossible for parents to look after their child 24*7. Hence daycare services are becoming more and more popular, where they can keep their kids safe while at work.

Advertising Agency:  

It is possible to become a big source of profit with less investment, if it reaches the right business audience. With good service, it can provide work to many. However, it is sometimes necessary to tie up with large scale companies.

Seasonal Gifting:

Although it may not sustain throughout the year, it might prove profitable during the festival season. For example, in Christmas, Thanksgiving, Diwali, if festival-oriented stuff is sold, it can provide profit, although not immense, but to some extent.

All these are the examples of small-scale industries that can turn into profitable ventures, providing employment not just to one, but quite a few people. Also, since it develops within a certain area, it allows the development of the place as well with an improved economy.

The major FAQs that arise regarding the small-scale industries includes:

Q. How to get the Registration?

Ans: The Ministry of Small Scale Industries eases the process of registration. One has to fill up the form also available online and submit it in order to get the registration number. Along with this one requires to submit the identity proof, IFSC code, Office address, No. of people working, 2 digit NIC code, Bank details , gender, mobile number, etc., although the process varies from country to country.

Q. How much time will it take to get the registration done?

Ans: Usually, it takes not more than a day, by the end of the submission process it is received.

Q. Why is it important to register?

Ans: The registration facilitates the concessions and rebates from the government.

Q. What are the major drawbacks of Small Scale Industries?

  • Limited finance.
  • Lack of technology.
  • Inadequate infrastructure.
  • Difficulty to trade.
  • Scarce raw materials.
  • Lack of man-power.                  

Nevertheless, it is easier to assess the demand in small-scale industries, and products can be supplied based on a direct relationship between the worker and the employer. This enhances the development of the rural economy by providing work to those who need it the most; it also helps recognise talent and efforts.  Also, in a small scale-industry, a direct relation can be maintained with the customers, enabling them to develop faster. It provides relaxation of work, which is not available in large-scale industries. Since it is small and within reach and a limited number of people work, it gives the workers the creative liberty to work in their spirit.

Small-scale industries allow one to change their strategies and products based on the market response in no time, which is also impossible for large-scale industries. The growth of small-scale industries allows employment with growth in the economy.