Wholesale Markets in Guwahati [Best Wholesale Markets]

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Wholesale Markets in Guwahati [Best Wholesale Markets]

With its strategic location and historically developed infrastructure, Guwahati is a top destination for trade and commerce in Assam and the entire Northeastern region of the country. Located on the south bank of the river Brahmaputra, Guwahati harbours a riverine port since ancient times.

Development of the road and railway network over the years gave a further boost to trade, and industry and Guwahati emerged as the primary feeder market for the entire region. With a substantial resource base of tea, timber, spices and several varieties of fruits in Assam, wholesale trade became a significant business segment. Therefore, it is only natural that small traders and customers would flock to the city, searching for the best wholesale market in Guwahati. Let us explore some of the markets for wholesale of Clothes, Food items and Groceries.

Where to shop for clothes?

1. Fancy Bazaar

Talking of wholesale business in Guwahati, the first name to come up is Fancy Bazaar. Surrounded by the localities, Lakhtokia, Panbazaar, Machkhuwa and Athgaon, Fancy Bazaar is situated in the city's heart.

With several wholesale centres like New Market, Tiwari market, Shiv Market and more located within the area, Fancy Bazaar is considered the central hub of the Clothes business not only for Assam but all the other states in the region. Labyrinthine alleys, cramped shops, typical chaotic atmosphere of Indian markets characterise the Fancy market.

There is a never-ending choice of all kinds of clothes, from varieties of fabrics to trendy readymades, jeans and designer clothes. There is hardly any variety (in clothing) you will not find in Fancy Bazaar. It is also the top destination for Assam silk. If you are looking for the traditional Assamese Saree or the gamcha, or Jappi, the cap made out of bamboo, Fancy Bazaar is the right place.

The streets and lanes of fancy Bazaar are full of roadside vendors selling cheap varieties of readymades. The flea market section is popular with youngsters looking for stylish outfits at a bargain.

  • Business hours: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Closed on: Sunday (partially)
  • How to Reach:  Fancy Bazaar is a significant landmark in the heart of Guwahati city. The place is well serviced by public transport. Cabs and auto-rickshaws can take you to the market quickly.

Let us look at a few of the cloth and garment markets located within the Fancy Bazaar area.

2. Poddar Market

Head straight to the Poddar market if you are looking for readymades, mainly women's range and do not want to wander around Fancy Bazaar. You will find all types of readymades and handloom items. However, be prepared to navigate your way through a constant stream of people till you reach the shop of your choice.

  • Location: 94, SRCB Road, Lakhtokia, Fancy Bazaar area
  • Business hours: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Closed on Sunday
Colourful women's dresses on hangers in a retail shop

3. New Market

Another marketplace selling textiles and all kinds of garments, New Market is not an exclusive place for Clothes- it is also famous as a wholesale and retail centre for footwear.

  • Location: SRCB Road, Lakhtokia, Fancy Bazaar area
  • Business hours: 9 am to 8 Pm
  • Open on all days.

4. Shiv Market

Shiv Market has many shops for furnishing clothes, blankets and kids garments. A typical range of readymades is also available here. Local people prefer this market for the wide selection of furnishing materials.

  • Location: 12 SS Road, near new Market, Fancy Bazaar area
  • Business hours: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Closed on: Sunday

Wholesale of Food items

1. Guwahati Fruit and Vegetable Market, Boragaon

A vital supply point for food items, mainly fresh vegetables and fruits, Boragaon is about 10 km from the city.  Apart from the regular retailers, the Boragaon vegetable market is popular with people needing large quantities (vegetables/fruits) for special occasions, ceremonies.

  • Business hours: Open 24 hours
  • Location: AK Deb Road, Boragaon; Near Kamakhya Junction Railway station.

2. Beltola Vegetable Market

Traditionally operating as a bi-weekly vegetable market, it is still remembered that way. However, Beltola has now turned into a daily integrated market. You can shop here for all your needs, from Clothes to daily necessitates. Along with fruit, fish, and meat options, the market is popular with customers both as wholesale and for household purchases.

  • Location: On Jayanagar Road (about 14 km from Guwahati Railway station)
  • Business hours: 6 am tv 9 pm
  • Weekly closure: Open all days

3. Ulubari Fish and Vegetable Market

Popular with both vegetable and fish lovers for the fresh supplies, the market caters to the neighbourhood residents and small sellers from other localities.

  • Business hours: 5 am to 9 pm
  • Location: Dr.B.K.Kakati road South Sarania
  • Weekly closure: Open all days

We explore the various grocery wholesale options for Guwahati.

1. Fancy Bazaar

If you wish to locate large grocery wholesalers, the city's leading wholesale market for clothes and other items is also your destination.

Most neighbourhood markets have a couple of large grocery shops that also do wholesale.

Some of the departmental stores focusing on Groceries and Food items:

2. The Grocer Supermarket

  • Location: PanduPort Road,Tinali , Adabari
  • Business hours: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Weekly Closure: Open all days

3. JDDS Super Market

  • Location: Bongaon Lakhi Mandir Path, Saurabhnagar, Beltola
  • Business hours: 8 am to 10 pm
  • Weekly closure: Open all days
Supermarket aisle with empty red shopping cart

4. Prince Super Market

  • Location: Beltala- basistha Road, Basisthapur, Beltola
  • Business hours: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Weekly closure: Open all days

A summary of the top wholesale market(s) in Guwahati for Clothes, Food items and Groceries covered in this article:




What to Buy

Closed on


Fancy Bazaar

Fancy Bazaar area- bordered by Lakhtokia, Pan Bazaar, Machkhuwa, Athgaon

All types of clothes;

Sunday (Pavement shops open all days)


Poddar Market

SRCB Road, Lakhtokia, Fancy Bazaar

Readymades, Handloom



New Market

SRCB Road, Lakhtokia, Fancy Bazaar

Textiles, Readymades



Shiv Market

SS Road, Near New Market, Fancy Bazaar

Furnishing material, Kids garments, Innerwear


Food Items

Guwahati Fruit and Vegetable Market

A.K.Deb Road, Boragaon

Fruits and Vegetables

Open all days

Food Items

Beltola Vegetable Market

Jayanagar Road, Beltola

Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and meat

Open all days

Food Items

Ulubari Fish and Vegetable Market

Dr.B.K.Kakati Road, South Sarania, Ulubari

Vegetables, Fish

Open all days


Fancy Bazaar

Fancy Bazaar area- bordered by Lakhtokia, Pan Bazaar, Machkhuwa, Athgaon

All kinds of groceries



The Grocer Supermarket

Pandu Port Road, Adabari

All grocery items, food and personal care products

Open all days


JDDS Supermarket

Bongaon Lakhi Mandir Path, Sauravnagar, Beltola

All grocery items, food and personal care products

Open all days


Prince Supermarket

Beltola basistha Road, Basisthapur, Beltola

All grocery items, food and personal care products

Open all days

A shift in consumer buying behaviour is happening in most metropolitan cities across India, from physical buying from markets to online shopping. Guwahati, too, is going through a similar phase but at a slower pace. The strategic location of Guwahati as a feeder market for the Northeastern states has kept its wholesale business in full flow, and the local customers also prefer to shop in their favourite wholesale market in Guwahati for better prices.

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Q. As a tourist visiting Guwahati, is it advisable to shop at the Fancy Bazaar wholesale market?

Ans. Fancy Bazaar is the ideal place to shop for clothes in Guwahati. Whether you prefer to buy traditional handloom items or any other type of clothes, Fancy Bazaar has the broadest range of stocks. However, you must be prepared to negotiate the crowd and chaos on the streets, typical of wholesale markets in India!

Q. Are the prices of vegetables lower in the Guwahati Vegetable Market at Boragaon?

Ans. Yes, compared to a neighbourhood marketplace, prices are lower, but you have to buy in bulk to appreciate the real price benefit. Therefore, it is not worthwhile going to a wholesale market unless it is close by since the additional cost of travel will offset any price advantage.

Q. Is it better to buy groceries and other food items online rather than going to a marketplace?

Ans. Generally, shopping depends on the preferences of an individual. Some people like to buy vegetables fresh from a market and make daily rounds. Another section (of people) may not have seen the inside of a market for years and source everything online.

Generally, most online sales push you to pack sizes bigger than what you require resulting in long storage/wastage. Besides, if you make a wrong purchase, there are too many hassles for exchange (if you open the pack); all these issues are eliminated when you buy physically.