Wholesale Markets in Lucknow [Best Markets]

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Wholesale Markets in Lucknow [Best Markets]

Lucknow is the capital city of the Uttar Pradesh state in India. The celebrated wholesale markets in Lucknow offer a wide variety of clothes, accessories, handicrafts, and furniture. There are many age-old stores in these wholesale markets that offer quality products and continue to thrive. There are tremendous market opportunities for all industry products in Lucknow.

Wholesale Markets in Lucknow

Lucknow is known as the ‘City of Nawabs’. The ancient rulers are long gone, but this city continues to instil the richness of tradition and culture in everything produced commercially. The city’s traditional crafts include chikan and zardozi embroidery, which garner immense attraction from all visitors. The exquisite delicacy in embroidery and handmade jewellery is a feast for the eyes.

The wholesale shops in Lucknow are famous for their one-of-a-kind clothes, furniture, and groceries throughout the country. In the last two years, wholesalers have added new strategists to their business and have turned to online means to present their products. But if you would like nothing more than to have a walking tour of the best wholesale markets in Lucknow, check the list below.

1. Aminabad Bazaar

Location: In Mumtaz Market, 27-52, Aminabad, Siraj Dokadia Rd, Aminabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Aminabad Bazaar is one of the most ancient marketplaces of Lucknow city. In the 1840s, it started seeing commercial development under the Awadh ruler, Imad Hussain Khan Aminiddaulah. He had constructed four gates to enclose the market in an area. Since then, the gates have been replaced by a mosque named Kaalan Phatak Masjid. During British rule, the Aminabad Bazaar of Lucknow became a centre of handicraft items and unmatched fashion.

Today, it hosts an astonishing number of shops selling ornaments, chikan clothing, footwear, jewellery, and much more. Most of the goods in this market get a steady supply of handmade products locally through many embroidery workers and artisans to the shops for generations.

What to buy: Chikankari clothing and other fashion garments, wedding accessories, saree, footwear, local street food, and kebabs.

Business Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM

Weekly closure: Thursday.

How to reach: You can reach Aminabad Bazaar by cab or car. Alternatively, you can travel by metro to Hussain Ganj(1.3 km).

2. Hazratganj Bazaar

Location: It is in the centre of the city. You can easily reach here from anywhere in the city.

It was named after Nawab Amjad Ali Shah and established in 1892 by his alias, Hazrat. The old buildings now sport a fresh cosmopolitan look. The place has ancient Mughal architecture, benches, walkaways, and cascades echoing the British era’s Victorian styles parallel with modern-day fancy glass towers.

Although almost all the products sold are like those available in Aminabad or any other Lucknow market, the shops in this bazaar offer a costlier range of products and have an upmarket variety store. The jewellery shops, with their exquisite interiors, can lure anyone.

It is the place to visit if you want to buy any handicraft items and local handmade products. Many tourists prefer to look in this market as it has a centralised location in the city. There Are also some multinational food ventures such as Pizza Hut, Subway, and McDonald’s here. You can notice some hotels near the bazaar to attract travellers. There are some wholesale grocery shops in this market that you can explore.

What to buy: Handicraft items, Khadi items, handmade clothing, embroidered saree, Chikankari, grocery items and fast-food.

Business Hours: 10 AM to 11 PM

Weekly closure: Sunday.

How to reach: It is in the centre of the city, and you can visit from any transportation such as car, bike, or taxi. Alternatively, you can take a metro to Hazratganj metro station, which is only 2 mins walk from the market.

Indian merchant selling vegetables from cart

3. Furniture Bazaar, Lalbagh

Location: Lalbagh is near Hazratganj Bazaar. You can find various furniture shops in the furniture Bazaar of Lalbagh.

One of the premium furniture stores in Lucknow, Furniture Bazaar, has a complete variety of luxury furniture, an exclusive collection of high-quality furniture, and modern home decor at reasonable prices. The customers can have a luxury shopping experience in this store with complete guidance and customer care.

All the customers get free delivery of the furniture. It has a vast collection of furniture and beautiful home decor items such as curtains, wallpapers, and side tables. You can buy furniture for office, home, hospital, and school furniture with matching wallpaper, side corner tables, and curtains according to your requirement. The store also has a unique style of presenting the furniture with some interior designing ideas.

What to buy: You will get the best furniture here for all your needs in the entire city of Lucknow.

Business Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM

How to reach: It is in the prime location of Lucknow and can take any road transport vehicle or a cab to get to the market quickly. Alternatively, you can travel by metro to Sachivalaya metro station, which is 250m(3mins walk) away from Furniture Bazar.

Indian colored spices at flea market

4. Kapoorthala Bazaar

Location: on Kursi Road, Kapoorthla, Near Bara Chandganj, Shadab Colony, Chandralok, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Find contemporary and modern design options in the Kapurthala market of Lucknow. Many garment shops and Chikankari showrooms have recently opened in this market. You will get the original fabric, classic embroidery patterns, and attractive colour combinations in sarees, garments, Lucknowi kurta, and other fashion wear for both men and women. It is the fashion market of Lucknow city

Many fashion followers come to this market to get customised apparel for themselves from the best tailors available. You will be amazed to see the distinctive designers who present their craftsmanship in high-quality fabrics. Kapoorthala Bazaar hosts some of the best designers to provide unique designs in traditional attires.

What to buy: Designer Sarees, embroidered clothing for party wear and weddings.

Business Hours: 12:05 PM to 9 PM

Weekly closure: Sunday.

How to reach: The place has a considerable market crowd; you can opt for a cab to get there. Alternatively, you can take a metro to IT College, which is 2km away from the market.

These famous wholesale markets in Lucknow are a must to explore while you travel in the city. You will find all sorts of items you like at a lower wholesale price.




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Closed on


Aminabad Bazaar

Mumtaz Market, 27-52, Aminabad, Siraj Dokadia Rd, Aminabad

A wide range of Chikankari garments, along with footwear and accessories.




Hazratganj Bazaar

Narahi Bazar, Narhi, Hazratganj, near Hazratganj Metro station 

Famous for handicrafts, hand stitched clothes and Chikarkari garments.



Furniture Bazaar

near Hazratganj Bazaar

All kinds of furniture for schools, offices, healthcare institutions and home.



Kapoorthala Bazaar

Kursi Road, Kapoorthla, Near Bara Chandganj, Shadab Colony, Chandralok

Designer sarees and embroidered garments



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Q. Where can I buy the chikan fabric in Lucknow?

Ans. You can explore Hazratganj and Aminabad market for Chikankari and embroidered clothing at reasonable prices. Along with traditional clothing designs, modern fashion for men and women is also readily available in these wholesale markets in Lucknow.

Q. Where can I buy designer clothes in Lucknow?

Ans. If you want to explore the high-end fashion of Lucknow, then you must visit the Kapoorthala market. The best designers are a part of this market and get you some of the best modern-day outfits. The tailors have been there in this profession for generations and create exclusive customised outfits for their customers.

Q. Where can I buy Luxury Furniture in Lucknow?

Ans. Although there are many luxury shops available in the city, if you want to buy luxury furniture in particular, pay a visit to the Furniture Bazaar and look out for all the premium furniture options. You will find traditional to modern and advanced furniture styles in this market.

Q. Is there any wholesale shop for handmade clothing in Lucknow city?

Ans. Yes, there are, and you have to move around the entire marketplace to reach out to the best wholesale shop in Lucknow as the markets mentioned above have all kinds of shops that sell handmade clothing in each market. Get a day and wander in the market to find a shop suitable to your fabric requirements.