Adhesive Manufacturers In India [Best Manufacturers]

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Adhesive Manufacturers In India [Best Manufacturers]

As the demand for corrugated paper, adhesives, and packaging materials rises, the output of these products from adhesive manufacturers in India is also growing. During the forecast period, such positive growth is expected to increase the demand for acrylics. E-commerce, online food delivery, and innovations and development in the packaging industry have aided the growth of the region's packaging industry. According to a new Google and Boston Consulting Group report, rapid digitisation and increase in online buyer base and spending as well as cuisine variety have propelled the country's food packaging sector to unprecedented levels of growth.

Applications of Adhesives

Acrylics can be used on a variety of surfaces, including primed metals, direct-to-metal applications, wood, and masonry. They come in a variety of colours and gloss levels. Wall panel bonding, grout sealing, textile bonding, paper stamps, leather tile envelopes, labels, and other applications all use acrylics. As a result, acrylic is a versatile material that is in high demand in a variety of industries.

Water-borne acrylic adhesives made by adhesive manufacturers in India are thought to be a greener and more cost-effective alternative to solvent-based adhesives. The absence of volatile organic compounds is the primary advantage of water-borne adhesives. Acrylics are durable, can retain dyeing, dry quickly, and are eco-friendly and resistive to force. They are commonly used on exterior and interior surfaces such as frames, doors, wall surfaces, trim, and so on.

Adhesives and sealants made in India are widely used in the electronic industry because of their desirable characteristics and physical properties. They are also valued for their role in improving peel strength by flexing with peel stress and the substrate's high elastic modulus, resistance to thermal expansion, and environmental resistance towards ultraviolet light, salt water, corrosion, weathering conditions like rain and dust. Sealants are required for electronic parts used in the production and assembly of a wide range of electronic products. Because of the expanding market for electronic sealants, its demand has been steadily increasing.

Adhesives have a variety of applications in the electronics industry, including conformal coatings, bonding of exterior plastic housings and surface mount devices (SMDs), bonding of heat sinks, insulation for electrical components, electrode terminal insulation, lid sealant, circuitry insulation, etc. Silicone sealants are extremely flexible during the electrical and mechanical assembly processes. They can be used as form-in-place gaskets to connect components inside electronic modules, to seal holes in the panel to keep soil, water, and other contaminants out. They are usable as gaskets that are form-in-place to conjoin parts inside electronic modules, block apertures in the panel, store water, soil, and extricate other pollutants.

The Indian electronics industry is one of the fastest-growing and most important end-user industries with a significant contribution to the Indian economy. Consumer electronics, communication equipment, and military equipment account for a significant portion of the electronics market. Several global consumer electronics manufacturers are shifting or establishing manufacturing bases in India because of low labour costs and easy access to raw materials. This trend has been observed in recent years, and as India's 'Make in India' initiative gains traction, it is expected to increase.

This trend also has a direct bearing on how electronic components are assembled into a finished product before it is made available to the general public. As a result, the demand for adhesives and sealants made by adhesive manufacturers in India for various assembling applications is expected to increase in the electronics industry. Despite a drop in production due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the electronics industry is expected to grow in the future as consumer spending increases in the country.

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Recent Developments for Adhesive Manufacturers in India

  • According to the ministry of electronics and Information Technology, India's electronic products market is worth INR 4,580 billion (USD 66 billion) and has grown at a CAGR of nearly 5.5 percent over the last four years. The National Policy on Electronics (2019) aims to promote domestic manufacturing and export throughout the entire value chain of Electronics System Design and Manufacturing by the year 2025. (ESDM). a total of $400 billion (approximately)
  • The Indian government has taken a number of initiatives to boost domestic electronics manufacturing and exports. For example, the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS) offers a 20-25 percent subsidy on capital expenditures for the establishment of an electronics manufacturing facility.
  • Pidilite Industries Ltd announced in November 2020 that it had completed its acquisition of Huntsman Group's Indian subsidiary, Huntsman Advanced Materials Solutions Private Ltd (HAMSPL), for INR 2,100 crore. The transaction also includes the company's operations in the Indian subcontinent as well as a trademark license for countries in the Middle East, Africa, and ASEAN countries.

Top Adhesive Manufacturers in India




Pidilite Industries Limited

₹7,443 crore

Pidilite Industries Limited is an Indian adhesives manufacturer. It produces consumer goods such as food and fabric care products, art supplies and stationery, specialty industrial goods such as industrial adhesives and automotive products such as adhesives and sealants, industrial and textile resins,  industrial pigments, construction chemicals, leather chemicals, and other industrial chemicals.

H.B. Fuller Company

US$2.790 billion

The H.B. Fuller Company is a company based in America that has worldwide operations and markets its adhesives in India. In ethical investment circles, the company has long been praised for its careful handling of toxic waste and the nature reserve built around its headquarters. 

Arkema Group

€7.9 billion

Arkema was founded in 2004 as a result of Total's restructuring of its chemicals business, and it made its stock exchange debut in May 2006. Arkema employs 20,500 people in 55 countries and operates 13 research centres and 144 manufacturing plants in Europe, North America, Asia, and the rest of the world, with a total revenue of 7.9 billion €.

Sika AG 

CHF 8.1 billion

Sika AG is a Swiss multinational specialty chemical company headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, that serves the construction and automotive industries. The company develops and manufactures bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting systems and products. It currently employs over 25,000 people and has subsidiaries in over 100 countries.

Henkel Adhesives

€19.250 billion

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA is a consumer and chemical goods conglomerate headquartered in Düsseldorf. It is a multinational corporation with stakes in both consumer and industrial markets. The DAX 30 company was established in 1876 and is divided into three globally operating business units (Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, and Adhesive Technologies). It is well-known for brands such as Loctite and Persil.

Men's hand uses silicone adhesive


In terms of revenue, the adhesives market is highly concentrated among some key players. It is extremely competitive because the top adhesive manufacturers in India control over 90% of the market. Pidilite Industries Limited has held the market leader position in the Sealants industry for several years, with a nearly 48 percent market share. Rising electronic operations in India and increasing demand for bio-based adhesives are expected to provide a number of opportunities for the market under consideration during the forecast period.

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FAQs on Adhesive manufacturers

Q. What are two classes of Adhesives?

Ans. They can be classified as polymer dispersion adhesives and solvent-based adhesives.

Q. What is the largest market segment for Adhesives?

Ans. The market is divided into four sections based on application: building & construction, automotive & transportation, consumer, and others. The building and construction industry has the largest market share.

Q. What chemicals are used in adhesives?

Ans. Polyvinyl acetate, polypropylene, polyesters , polyethylene, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer, acrylics, nitrocellulose, cyanoacrylates and polyamides are some of the adhesive ingredients used in thermoplastic systems.

Q. What is Industrial adhesive used for?

Ans. The vast majority of industrial adhesives are used in fastening applications. Industrial grade adhesive sealants are utilised in gap filling, leak prevention, and curtailing infiltration from unwanted materials.

Q. What is the strongest adhesive?

Ans. DELOMONOPOX VE403728 is the world's strongest adhesive. This adhesive is a modified version of DELOMONOPOX HT2860, which can withstand high temperatures.

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