Best Markets in Nagpur [Explore Now]

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Best Markets in Nagpur [Explore Now]

Located on the east side of Maharashtra is a beautiful, diverse and often neglected city of Nagpur. Famous for the Deekshabhoomi, Balaji Temple, beautifully done rose garden, the dragon palace temple and Ambazari Lake, Nagpur is a wonderful place to visit. Although it serves as a wonderful weekend getaway for the Maharashtrians, there are people from different places of India who visit here.

Apart from beautiful landscapes, manmade beauties, Nagpur is also an incredible city to satiate your shopping urge. Markets in Nagpur have a lot of varieties opening up options for locals as well as travellers. Though this city is famous for oranges, over time, Nagpur Market has expanded many housing items for shopaholic people. If you are visiting this city any time soon, make sure to iterate your shopping list beforehand. To help you out in your shopping, here are a few places where you can find the best products to take back to your house to help you out in your shopping.

1. Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazar is one of the most famous and mainstream markets of Nagpur. This place has a huge variety of clothes, and you can get them at a good deal. This bazaar is a wonderful place for ladies because they can get a huge variety of appeals or sarees in this bazaar. It is one of the best Nagpur cloth markets, offering not just good products but affordable rates as well. Apart from clothing, you can also find some of the finest jewellery shops with fantastic collection. Another perk of shopping here is that there are many bakeries and eateries to keep you full while you shop.

2. Nagpur Cotton Market

Nagpur cotton market can also be on your list. Don’t be deceived with its name because you won’t get cotton here; rather, this market is famous for its fruit market. The entire market houses a lot of fruits here. Also, all the fruits you will get here are available at wholesale prices. So what you can do is, just a day before you travel out of this city, you can simply get your favourite fruit packed and adjusted in your bag. Try out the variety of fruits offered in the market at least once. The nearby people or the localities buy a lot of fruits from this market and take them back to their house.

3. Gandhibagh market Nagpur

As you are already aware of the fact that the city is famous for its oranges, in the Gandhibagh market Nagpur you will find a huge variety of oranges. Some of them are rare to find in other parts of the country, so you better pack some for your family while you visit here. It is also known as Nagpur santra market because of the varieties of oranges offered here. Apart from this, Gandhibagh is also one of the best Nagpur wholesale markets. Owing to its reputation, you will find some of the finest fabric collections in the market, and all of these are of top-notch quality. You just need to go look through the entire market, and there would be definitely something that you would love to buy. This is a market that offers variety at the best price.

4. Bardi Market Nagpur

If you are one of those who look for quantity, this is the right place for you. Be it electronics, jewellery, bangles, footwear or any other item; you can find it all here in the Bardi market Nagpur. One of the finest and cheapest markets in the city offers a huge range of product lists from which you can choose one that you like the most. People love to shop bangles and footwear from this market; thinking of buying something like that? Just head to one of the best markets in Nagpur.

5. Sadar Bazaar

Unlike the one famous in Delhi, Sadar Bazaar of Nagpur is renowned for a lot of things. Being one of the finest Nagpur Markets, you can buy anything from footwear, textile to cosmetics. What works in favour of Sadar Bazaar is its location. The market is situated in the central region of Nagpur and is a very happening place for Nagpurians due to the shopping options. It is an ideal shopping place for those who wish to buy silk border dhotis, sarees and a lot of other textile products. As it is one of the best markets in Nagpur, many local artisans display their wooden artefacts in roadside shops. So, you can buy antiques made by local craftsmen with perfection to decorate your house.

6. Dharampeth Shopping street

The Dharampeth shopping street is a marketplace for those who want to buy jewellery for an occasion. This market offers the latest designs of jewellery for visitors. Known as one of the finest jewellery markets, Dharampeth might give you just the necklace or ring you wanted. If not to buy, do visit here for checking out the latest jewellery collection. The localities often visit here for the same.

view of a busy market of India

7. Telipura Market

Located on Subhash road, Telipura market is one of the famous markets in Nagpur for electronic items. So, if you are waiting for any electronic item, try your luck out in this market. You will get a genuine product at a considerably lower cost. Do put this market in your list if you wish to buy products like mobile accessories, CD players, gaming items or something for your computer or laptop.

8. Sitabuldi main road

A destination for shopaholic people looking for comfortable, fashionable, and quality footwear and clothes. This place is bustling with people throughout the day because it is one of the finest and most famous markets of Nagpur. Right from the start of the road, you will see shops on both sides. Stop at the places where you wish to shop and get going after that. This place won’t let you down at all.


Nagpur, as we already discussed, is often neglected when it comes to shopping. People are only aware of the Nagpur santra market or the Nagpur fish market but what people are not aware of are the other markets offering such a huge variety of products at a considerably low cost. While you visit Nagpur for your vacation or trip, try out your hand in shopping as well. You might just get some sweet deals on various products. Nagpur is a gem of Maharashtra in many ways, be it the natural beauty, cuisines to taste or shopping complexes. Keep in mind that there are not just the local markets that would attract you, but the shopping complexes are equally satiating when it comes to shopping or eating.

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Q. Which is the best fruit market in Nagpur?

Ans. The Nagpur Santra Bazaar and the cotton market are the two best fruits and vegetable markets in the city.

Q. Any good markets for jewellery in Nagpur?

Ans. Nagpur has something for everyone, and if you are willing to check out the best and latest jewellery collection, then head to Dharampeth shopping street or the famous Bardi market. Both these will be just fine for you.

Q. Any electronic gadgets dedicated market in Nagpur?

Ans. As we have already mentioned, Nagpur has something for everybody. If you desire affordable electronic gadgets, the city won’t let you down. The Telipura market is the best place for you. Don’t give a second thought or opinion on this, simply head to these markets.

Q. I want to buy the finest quality of clothes. Any suggestive markets for the same?

Ans. Yes, of course. Nagpur has a good market for all those who need textile clothes or the finest quality of clothes. Sarafa Bazaar or Sadar Bazaar are the places where you should head to. They have the best clothing options.


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