How to Use Instagram Shopping to Drive Product Sales?

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How to Use Instagram Shopping to Drive Product Sales?

With the advent of the "social media age", the businesses revolve mostly around how well brands utilise their social media handles to engage customers. Gone are those days where people browsed through brand websites, let alone the times when people physically went out shopping. Online business tips can drive your sales up in a skyrocketing pace.

Consumers today want to buy products in a click, and that too while scrolling through their favourite social media app - INSTAGRAM. This app has not only brought everyone together, making the world a smaller place; rather, it has emerged as this giant marketplace that reverberates with "SALES", "GIVEAWAYS", and "DISCOUNTS".

Let us have a look at some instagram selling tips. As a one-stop solution for shopping, Instagram handles work wonders as visually appealing catalogues. Payments are no longer a hassle, thanks to UPI, PAYTM, PAYPAL, WhatsApp Pay, etc.

So what is it that needs to be prioritised when it comes to driving product sales through Instagram? What business growth tips should you follow as a brand to boost up your sales on Instagram or what are the most rewarding instagram business tips? Don't fret, all this is going to be covered in the write-up below.

Business tips for using Instagram to drive product sales:

1. Set Up a dedicated Business Instagram handle:

The most important Instagram business tip is that your handle should be different from your account. Remember that promoting is about the crowd and not about you, so selfies and previews of your Costa Rica trip should remain individual. They do not apply to your clients and will not get you deals! Indeed, "you" ought to seldom show up on your image's IG page, or even not under any condition. We'll get additional information about what to post in the following segment.

To start with, here's the once-over on the most proficient method to advance your expert Instagram presence for a more noteworthy client offer.

2. Stay visible with a solid Name and Display Photograph.

All your Instagramming will be to no end if the pieces don't effectively fit together to show what your image is. The key is to remain conspicuous! Pick an Instagram name equivalent to, or identified with, your business's name across other online media channels. Keeping your profile picture predictable is one of the crucial business tricks. Every one of your cooperations and commitment on Instagram will be joined by the little thumbnail of your profile pic. Ensure it's something conspicuous and proficient!

two animated characters using social media app in mobile

On Instagram, you have just a single chance to lead a tick over to your site directly. Your profile is the one spot where your connection is interactive, directly under your name and depiction at the highest point of your Instagram page. Continuously incorporate the connection to your online shop or a focused presentation page in this spot.

4. Be innovative with Instagram posts that impress your clients

You've heard that words usually can't do a picture justice, so how about we utilise this capacity to its full, client-snaring advantage. Our inclination for pictures is bio-designed into our minds. Indeed, 90% of the data sent to our cerebrums are visual.

So we should tackle the dearest and powerful visual universe of Instagram and post some item photographs that truly make deals! Yet, recall that while Instagram is brimming with customers, it's not a shopping platform.

5. Present Pictures that Talk on Your Crowd

If you realise your crowd is keen on various societies worldwide, a relatable picture that aligns with their interest is sure to capture their attention. The instagram shopping tips and suggestions attract the attention of the prospective buyer through eye catching picture stories or posts appearing on the feed.

6. Adhere to the Standards of Extraordinary Photography

The incredible news is you needn't bother with a DSLR camera and costly expert stuff to take awesome photographs. Just following a few photography tips can yield good pictures through your phone camera as well. Besides, you can hire a professional photographer if you aspire for more professional-looking picture stories.

How to Make your Business Account more Visible and Attractive to the Customers?

1. Build up a unique style with your photo arrangements:

One way you can construct brand acknowledgement is to post reliably unmistakable pictures. Since Instagram is a visual stage, it merits taking the effort to figure out how to photograph your items or spending on a professional photographer to take pictures of your items or administrations. If you plan cautiously, you can create sufficient substance from the most immediate resources.

2. Go for coordinated schemes of colours

To build up a visual style for Instagram, pick champion tones to address your profile. You may imitate your logo tones, and use blend conceals for your posts. Or, on the other hand, maybe settle on a checkerboard of shading mixes to add visual interest. Blue tones function admirably for B2B pages and greens for eco-accommodating profiles. Experiment with various shading mixes to discover what works for you.

3. Include unique elements exclusive to your Brand in Your Instagram Content

This tip is all about highlighting your USP in the eyes of your patrons. Put your adherents in the scene by making a marked organisation culture. Building a storyboard with a way of life situation is a brilliant idea. Add extraordinary marked components that address your organisation. To represent, Shake Shack's symbolism recounts a story. The moving photography makes you crave for nibbling into a burger!

hashtag written on white background with black coloured pen

4. Pick Hashtags that are relevant to Your Image

Hashtags unify the crowd that your business wants to target and help enhance your message to a bigger crowd.

Set up a list of hashtags that address your image and afterwards research them to check their ubiquity on Instagram. You need to pick long-tail or joined hashtags that aren't as immersed, for example, #celebratingtraditions instead of #celebrations. These appeal to a more modest, more focused crowd.

5. Organise contests and create other user engagement posts:

One of the infallible business tips and tricks for online sales is client engagement. Organise giveaways, like comment share contests, user-generated post contests to keep interacting with your clients. The more they get engaged with you, the better it will be for your product sales. You can have more INSTAGRAM live sessions, post igtv videos and reels to keep your target audience hooked to your Instagram audience. Create stories that never go missing. Invest in promoting your posts to have a larger reach, and the leads are driven to your main page with more frequency.


Instagram is quite possibly the most broadly utilised online media stages and, in this manner, a fantastic advertising channel. That is the reason even an easygoing look at its records will uncover loads of brands.

Its exceptional photograph sharing stage offers brands unique freedoms to acquire permeability and discourse with their clients.

Regardless of how you choose to become your Internet business brand on Instagram, one thing is without a doubt - you need to make it simple and workable for individuals to purchase from you. This basic truth should drive everything in your Instagram showcasing system.

Every one of your exercises should prompt one of three results:

  • Maximum Followers
  • More Traffic Driven to your page
  • Lightning deals to increase sales.

The above mentioned least demanding instagram business tips are sure to expand your deals on Instagram and enhance your substance.

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Q. How to use Instagram for sales?

Ans. There are many tips to follow on Instagram. Make creative and user-engaging posts, make your handle a one-stop solution for shopping.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to boost your sales. If you follow the right tips, you can grow your business to a great extent.

Q. Do you need a license to sell on Instagram?

Ans. Not at large. But some specific business types might need a licence or a permit to be able to Instagram. Different localities have different requirements. So you need to check the requirement accordingly.

Q. How to get more followers on Instagram?

Ans. Using the correct hashtags, investment in promoting the posts, choosing your target audience strategically, etc. are all good ways to attract many followers.