Top 7 Matchbox Manufacturers in India [2022]

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Top 7 Matchbox Manufacturers in India [2022]

The introduction of match sticks profoundly alters the way we use fire. Modern human society underwent a big change when everyone could generate and carry portable fire. There were many different designs and methods of starting the flame until the discovery of matches was made possible.

Matchboxes are extensively used in day-to-day life. On one end of the match stick, a solidified mixture of combustible chemicals can be ignited. Fire can be started by striking that end against a rough surface, which provides enough heat to start the chemical reaction. Strike-anywhere matches, which can be lit by striking them on any rough surface, are among the most common types of matches. Safety matches, on the other hand, can only be ignited if struck against a surface that contains chemicals.

Matches involve numerous steps of production. First wood is cut, prepped, and stored in a storage facility for wooden-stick matches. The matchsticks are then put into holes in a long perforated belt. In the final stages of processing, they are dipped into multiple chemical tanks, dried, and packaged in boxes by the conveyor belt.

Major Matchbox Manufacturers in India

Details related to some of the top matchbox manufacturers in India is given below:

1. Gerwin Matches

Founded in 2006, Gerwin Matches is one of India’s and the world's top makers of advanced safety matches. Gerwin Matches aims to produce, manufacture, and distribute high-quality products using market-leading methodologies. A subsidiary of Gerwin Exim is one of India's most trustworthy companies. Customers are encouraged to communicate with leading educated specialists and choose a product priced competitively with the market. As a result, their high-quality safety matches are widely regarded as the best in the industry by the clients.

They export high-quality cardboard, long matchsticks, wax safety matches, kitchen safety matches, and veneer safety matches from India.

  • Products: Cardboard, long matchsticks, wax safety matches, and veneer safety matches.
  • Location: Tamil Nadu

2. Rajashree Match Works

A renowned manufacturer and supplier of safety matches are Rajashree Match Works. Matches made by them are of the highest quality.

A small hand-made manufacturing facility producing 6000 matchboxes each day was the seed for Rajashree Match Works in 1989. To bring their manufacturing facilities to the world's highest level, Rajashree made a huge leap in 2002 when they imported their first dip machine. The market's increasing demands necessitated the establishment of printing and box-making operations in-house, supported by imported machinery from Japan and Germany. Next, they replaced human filling methods with automated filling stations, which was a major advancement. Their greatest asset is constantly improving their products through research and development in all processes.

  • Products: Match sticks
  • Location: Tamil Nadu

3. Quenker Matches

As a company based in Tamil Nadu (India), Quenker Matches offers a variety of high-quality items, such as custom matches, wooden matches, and standard candles. Their rigorous quality assurance procedures have helped them build a strong foothold in the business. The company has a state-of-the-art production plant that is capable of producing high-quality items. Because of the high-quality products, they have established themselves as a major player in the international market. They also have a large distribution network, which provides timely delivery without any problem.

  • Products: Match sticks
  • Location: Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu
Box with matches on colour pink background

4. Asia Match Company Private Limited

This company is referred to as a pioneer match company. Asia Match Company Private Limited became the official name in 1971. Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, serves as the company's base of operations. As soon as the company was founded, it began manufacturing and distributing safety matchsticks and lighters to various countries worldwide. They've expanded their infrastructure over the years and now can handle large-scale requests. After establishing themselves in the home market, they have expanded their operations to Sri Lanka, Europe, Africa, South America, and Central and South America.

  • Products: Match sticks
  • Location: Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu

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5. Sri Kaliswari Colour Match Works

With great pride, Sri Kaliswari Colour Match Works in Sivakasi can say that they are among India's top producers of safety matches. In India, their products have a high reputation and are widely distributed. Moreover, because highly skilled professionals manage their manufacturing facility, the quality of their matches significantly exceeds that of the competitors.

  • Products: Match sticks
  • Location: Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu

6. Sri Krishnaveni Match Works

They've been making cardboard and wax matchboxes for the past two decades. Both the quality and quantity of the offerings are top-notch. To make high-quality wooden matches, they now have dipping machinery.

  • Products: Match sticks
  • Location: Utthupatti, Tamil Nadu

7. Malai Mahudam Match Works

Sattur, Tamil Nadu, is home to the Malai Mahudam Match Works, known for its robust matchbox products. The Malai Mahudam Match Works are well-known for their high-quality wax safety matches in India. Malai Mahudam Match Works are noted for producing high-quality wax match sticks in a competitive industry. The company was founded in 1949, and since then, they've been manufacturing safety matches and wax matches of all shapes and sizes. As a result, they have a strong foothold in domestic and foreign markets. When it comes to high-quality matchmaking supplies, the Malai Mahudam Match Works brand is already well-known.

  • Products: Match sticks
  • Location: Sattur, Tamil Nadu


Thus, we have seen in detail the details related to the best matchbox manufacturers in India. The world's cheapest matchboxes are made in India, with a production capacity of four million a day. Indian matchboxes make up one-third of the world's total. Nearly eight out of ten of all match manufacture come from small-scale and cottage-scale production, where the technology used is quite simple. Any manual production facility that produces fewer than 75,000 cases of matchboxes per year is considered to be a cottage enterprise. The Matchstick manufacturing industry is in high demand in the present scenario. To gain a foothold in the market for matchsticks, a company must engage in marketing activities. There is a lot of demand for matchsticks. Strong channels are critical to the success of the companies.

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Q. What's the reason for the rough edges on matchbox?

Ans. The greater the surface's roughness, the greater the friction. Rough matchbox surfaces emit sparks when a matchstick is struck. Matchsticks produce a considerable amount of friction when they come into contact with the box. Matchboxes are therefore designed with rough surfaces.

Q. In a matchbox, what kind of phosphorus is used?

Ans. It comprises red phosphorus, potassium chlorate, and potassium nitrate on the striking surface of the matchbox. Since red phosphorus is scraped, it changes to white phosphorus when the matchstick is placed on the matchbox.

Q. What are safety matches?

Ans. When struck against a specifically prepared striking surface, such as the side of a matchbook, match sticks will light. In today's world, these are the most frequently encountered matches.

Q. What are the materials used to make safety matches in India?

Ans. White pine and aspen are common examples of straight-grained wood. The match head is made of antimony trisulphide and potassium chlorate. Glass powder and other inert materials are used to increase the rate of friction and the rate at which fuel burns.

Q. What type of wood is used to make Indian matchsticks?

Ans. The Indian Matchsticks are made up of a variety of woods, but the most frequent are white pine and aspen. To keep the matchsticks from catching fire, they are coated in ammonium phosphate.

Q. How toxic are matchstick heads?

Ans. Match stick heads cannot be considered toxic. The vast majority of match-related incidents do not require medical intervention. A disturbed stomach is the most prevalent complication.

Q. Why are match heads coated with potassium chlorate?

Ans. Strike-anywhere match heads include potassium chlorate, an oxidising chemical, in addition to phosphorus sulfide. Combustion breaks down the material and provides oxygen to the phosphorus reaction, resulting in stronger flames.

Q. Is the burning of match sticks a physical change or a chemical change?

Ans. A chemical reaction occurs when you light a match. The phosphorus breaks down to potassium chlorate.

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